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Fisher Candle & Soap Co.

We’ve never formally introduced ourselves. I’m Brittany Fisher- Owner, Candle Maker and my mom, Nicky Fisher, Body Product Maker. November 2018, I was a struggling single mom, working over time as a nurse and barely making ends meet. Years prior, I wanted to become a candle maker and bought my first professional kit.. and was a major FAIL. I decided to dig that kit back out in hopes of being a success to help with Christmas gifts...and it worked! Maybe I should thank genetics with my dad being a chemist/funeral director and me being a science nerd. But I’m forever thankful for him always supporting my crazy ideas.

Fast forward to spring of 2019 and my mom, Nicky, jumped on board with making our first loaves of soap. That quickly escalated over the year and by 2020, we had bath bomb, soaps, scrubs, body sprays, you name it, we made it.

2020... where do I begin? The start of the global pandemic.. are we over that yet? Anyway, I wanted to go big! Who doesn’t, right? Well, I made a website in January. I had zero clue how to run a business but I was willing to learn. We built up stock, created a web page and took the reigns in April 2020 and it was the best move we could’ve made.

It’s 2021 and time is flying by. Although this is a very scary time for small business owners, I’m all for taking a risk. (Psalm 45:6– God is within her, she will not fail.) Beginning of the year, we bought our first shed aka- Fisher Candle & Soap Co. to be. I will not lie, I’m scared, but one thing we don’t lack is faith. We have full faith in making this business a great success. All of this would not be possible without the constant support of our family, friends and the customers who have become Fisher Candle & Soap Co. family.



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Fairchance, Pa 15436

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